I came across a quote by Amy Schumer and I lovet it. It said, " Am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if am strong. I say if am beautiful. You will not determine my story. I will." Something about those words that really resonated deeply within me. I... Continue Reading →


Sex, women and other thoughts..

As much as there is no procedure for having sex, I think we can all agree that it is a process that begins in the mind. The mind must be stimulated first, either through sight, smell or touch, so that the rest of the body can follow suit. Humans cant just jump on each other... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the side nigga is a girl

I watch her pace about, yelling, cursing in languages I dont even understand. She's venting. I know am supposed to be supportive and offer good advice and a crying shoulder, but I cant help smiling. She looks so sexy when she's mad; her angry face, the way her eyes roll back into the sockets, the... Continue Reading →

A fuck for the road

"Damn, there's dick too??" I struggle to regain balance and a voice, still reeling from pleasure and desire. My thighs shake vigorously with excitement, and I blush as pussy farts escape into the air rather loudly.  I am weak, out of breath and this man has the audacity to pull a fast one on me... Continue Reading →

My father’s son.

Last year will remain one of the most unforgettable times of my life. We were all having dinner at home, relishing over mother's heavenly food, when we heard someone fumbling with the lock in haste. "Who is that?". Father asked. Suddenly there was deafening silence. Everyone was at the dinner table. Who could have that... Continue Reading →

Things i do when am home alone

If ever you feel like a weirdo, you are going to feel so much better after reading this. Am an introvert myself. Am so terrified of people that i would rather stay indoors all day, everyday. And no, it is not boring, if you are wondering. I believe that the best relationship that you can... Continue Reading →

I refuse to be shamed for my nakedness.

    Definition of naked in the dictionary: 1. (of a person or part of the body) Not wearing any clothes, without clothing on genitals. 2. (especially of feelings or behaviour) Expressed openly, undisguised. 3. Glib, without decoration, put bluntly   But let us focus on the first definition, shall we? Am so sick and... Continue Reading →

My man who is not my man

The day a guy told me, "I have another gal, but I love you equally" is the day I realised relationships were not meant for me. I did not know whether to appreciate his honesty, get mad or laugh. It was a first. And since then every time I try dating I  end up with... Continue Reading →

The guy who broke my virginity

Loud head-bobbing music rocked club Liquid. Multi-coloured neon lights shed their hues upon the large space. Speakers were placed at strategic positions of the room to create an amplified version of the music that caused waves to hit in fits and starts. They had clearly gone all out with the decorations for New Year's eve;... Continue Reading →


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