This is not a love story

I first met him at the wrong time, when my world evolved around a certain boy. Teenage love is the worst! Then I met him again at the right time: more mature, so over moving the moon and stars for fuckboys, broken but ready for another heartbreak😆 and so eager to explore these single streets,... Continue Reading →


Women and masturbation; unlearning the myths

I don't consider the phrase "Go fuck yourself" as an insult.I mean, I'm gonna be fucking myself; someone I love. Why would I be offended?? Masturbation is the safest sex there is. I don't have to worry about getting pregnant, catching a deadly virus or have to deal with the heart break of being dumped... Continue Reading →

Sexual kinks and fetishes

The little sex education we got as kids taught us to always practice safe sex.Ten years later, everybody is choking each other and eating ass. What the hell happened?😆 Also, isn't weird how our worst punishments as kids have turned out to be such turn ons? A good example is spanking and whipping. Ain't God... Continue Reading →

Porn sex Vs Real sex

I love porn.I will never shy away from saying that. Porn movies are the most positive movies.No murder, no war, no racism, no language barrier, good cooperation and coordination, lots of love and a very happy ending for everyone. And the best part is, no matter which point you start watching, you will understand the... Continue Reading →

Pussy worship 101

There is nothing as dangerous as a man who enoys eating pussy for his own pleasure, without being coerced or begged.That one can even stop reggae! Now imagine dating a guy who doesn't worship your vagina with his tongue...Well, I can't because it can never be me. If you are about the southern cuisine life,... Continue Reading →

Of good dick and disappointments

The nigga that fucks you the best is usually not good for you. Don't argue with me.This is class two Science! If your black hole has been swallowing bananas for a while now then I guess you must have met Mr tall dark mnyama everywhere. It's mandatory btw, some sought of basic rite of passage.... Continue Reading →

Stop romanticising mental illnesses

"I'm pretty but pyscho" "Don't mess with me. I'm bipolar" "I slept at 1.00Am. Insomnia is a bitch" "I can't get anything right. I'm so retarded" "I'm so depressed! " "My anxiety sucks" If I had a dollar for everytime I read these captions on social media, I'd be sipping mojitos and sunbathing in Ibiza... Continue Reading →

A mother’s love

Life has an awkward sense of humour. It has a way of making you think that you are making the right moves and decisions, but later on it turns around and hits you with the truth right across your face. And it doesn't miss. I have a cousin who, for the longest time, really loathed... Continue Reading →

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